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VPK Program

In VPK, four-year olds are fully engaged in a curriculum that offers by the addition of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. Four-year olds are fully engaged in a curriculum which includes Bible, Language Arts, Numbers/Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing, Music and Arts. Key elements within their learning community are:

  • Scripture memorization, lessons on The Creation, Noah, Samuel, Daniel, the boyhood of Jesus, Zacchaeus, the Good Samaritan and more.
  • Understanding the concepts and characteristics of numbers through counting, sorting, sequencing, and simple addition.
  • Language Arts, phonics and reading, including sounding blends, sight words, reading of sentences and stories.
  • Writing skills are developed and perfected in pre-kindergarten. Writing emerges naturally from drawing and talking, and from students’ innate desire to communicate.
  • A love for science is fostered as students become more familiar with their senses and the world around them by participating in indoor and outdoor science experiments.
  • Early math skills to include: number sense (a numeral represents that many objects), geometry (patterns, shapes, etc.), measurement (size, distance, amount), the language of math (more than, less than, equal to), spatial relationships (in front of, behind, near or far).