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Preschool Program

Our Christian curriculum for preschool offers a rich variety of core subjects as well as enrichment classes that create a balanced and exciting education for your child. The following is a consolidated snapshot of what will be accomplished this school year at the Preschool level.

Preschool (3K)

Three-year olds learn names, sounds and pictures of all the letters in the alphabet, count to 30 and recognize numbers 1-15. Language Development is instructed daily. Children receive fun, hands-on learning experiences led by caring and qualified teachers and assistants. Our program provides an essential foundation in the following subjects: Bible, Early literacy, Math, Pre-writing, Science, Health, Safety and Good Manners.

Bible is taught everyday through the telling of stories of the Old and New Testaments. An emphasis is placed on character opportunities to develop social values, sharing, group acceptance, independence and dependability. In addition, major emphasis is placed on character development through daily activities and weekly Chapel.