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Parent Involvement

American Master Academy considers each family’s partnership with school administrators and faculty as vitally important to the academic, social, and spiritual development of their student. Parents are welcomed to engage in the educational process and encouraged to be a true partner in developing the unique giftedness and abilities of their child.

Parental involvement is reflected in virtually every area of the school, offering family members the opportunity to invest their time and talents at the level that they desire. From athletics to family events, to classroom celebrations parent collaboration is fostered in an inviting and supportive environment.

Our parent organization, the AMA Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) allows parents and grandparents to embrace the unparalleled sense of community that exists at AMA. Parent volunteer service significantly impacts the academic and extracurricular setting surrounding students on a daily basis. We invite you to join our PTF as we nurture and support the outstanding student body and faculty that are the heart of American Master Academy.