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Middle School

Academic focus for students in the 6th – 8th grade levels will be placed primarily on these subjects: Bible, English, Mathematics, History & Geography, Science and Electives. The following is a list of benchmark expectations for each:


Drawing from the entire Word of God, middle school students learn how the principles of God specifically affect their lives. Studies are drawn from characters in both the Old and New Testaments and the life of Christ, as well as an overview of the book of Revelation. Students will learn that they can find answers in the Word of God for themselves. Our Bible curriculum recognizes the various levels and types of thinking skills necessary to develop the minds of young students.


Students will learn to recognize the different parts of speech, develop complete and orderly thoughts and to communicate those thoughts clearly and concisely, so that they can use God’s gift of language effectively.
Two vital abilities, the ability to express one’s ideas creatively as well as correctly and the ability to comprehend and interpret the written word skillfully, are built upon the elements which are included in our English curriculum. Grammar and Composition builds upon the skills learned in earlier grammar studies providing foundational practice of proper grammar and developing the basic composition skills used in outlining, summarizing, describing, researching, and letter-writing. Students will also be introduced to new grammar rules and new editing techniques that will allow them to expand their writing skills. Vocabulary, spelling, poetry and literature are also continued in the upper grades.


Mathematics builds on the foundation set in grades 1st–5th by the incremental review and practice of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, and measurements. Students continue to practice their arithmetic skills by applying them to finances and mathematics in daily life. Units on statistics, algebra, plane and solid geometry introduce students to higher mathematics. Word problems ensure that students can apply their mathematical skills to everyday situations, and it encourages them to connect varying types of mathematical knowledge. Skills development exercises and abundant practice problems help students to work quickly and accurately.

History & Geography

History of the world is presented from a conservative, Christian perspective as part of a well-rounded program designed to give students a better understanding and a working knowledge of the geography of the Eastern Hemisphere. The many illustrations, maps, and photographs presented in class invite students to explore the past and learn about the people behind the events of world history. The goal is to first, to show God’s hand in the history of the world; second, to emphasize the role of individuals in history; and third, to teach the many lessons that can be learned from history. Students learn about heroes to emulate and goals to fulfill by focusing on the individuals whose character, initiative, and hard work have made a positive impact on world history.
World Geography presents a physical-cultural study of the earth and mankind. Basic to this perspective is the conviction that God is the Creator of the earth and of man. By applying to the study of geography their knowledge of the Creation, the Flood, the beginning of nations at Babel, and God’s dealing with mankind throughout the ages, students can better understand the physical features of the earth as well as the cultures of its people. Building on what students have previously learned, this class presents a deeper, more thorough study of the religions, languages, customs, historic backgrounds, resources, and industries to expand the students’ knowledge of each continent, region, and country presented.


This course begins with the more complex plant world and human anatomy and physiology. Evolutionary hypotheses are discussed and discarded as unscientific. Similarities between man and animals are explored and proved to be the result of a common Designer, laying a biblical foundation of origins. A look at the complexity of the “simple” cell, the basis of all life, emphasizes the hand of the Creator in its design. A study of ecology shows God’s providential design in the relationships between living things and their environments. In these courses, students will learn about: life science, human anatomy & physiology, plants, biological classifications, forestry, animals, insects, microbiology and ecology.


Elective courses in middle school include: foreign language (Spanish I and II), study skills, art expression, musical theater, and computer applications.