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Elementary School

Students in the Kindergarten through 5th grade levels will be challenged in these primary disciplines of academic focus: Bible, Arithmetic, Science, Language Arts, Reading and Writing, and Social Studies. The following is a list of benchmark expectations for each:

Bible: Students will study the Old and New Testament Scriptures through the active listening of Scriptural truths, memorizations of Scripture, prayer and praise time, as well as carefully designed lessons which focus on developing a love for God and an emphasis on building character.

Arithmetic: Students will build from prior knowledge and be introduced to many foundational concepts. As students progress through the grades, these important mathematical concepts will be easily recognized as the cornerstone to other math applications. Students will participate in activities that stimulate auditory, kinesthetic and visual processes. In addition to mastering math applications, children are encouraged to find creative strategies to solve for correct answers. Students will be challenged to think and apply concepts that have been introduced in previous grades as well as new math applications.

Science: Our new Science curriculum has enabled students to become scientifically literate while carefully integrating the most recent scientific advances within a Biblical worldview. Careful attention is given to identify the fingerprints of The Creator throughout creation. Students will acquire knowledge, processing skills and attitudes that will help them identify and solve science-related problems. Scientific knowledge will be acquired by observing, comparing, classifying, interpreting, estimating, communicating, planning and conducting simple investigations, measuring, predicting, inferring, and drawing conclusions, hypothesizing, formulating, identifying and experimenting.

Language, Reading and Writing: In each unit, the student’s encounter consists of a reading-writing connection, composition and language skills. In the reading-writing connection, students will view a model of the composition to be studied. During the composition focus, students will concentrate on the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, responding and revising, proofreading and publishing). The language focus gives students instruction in the parts of speech, word usage mechanics and vocabulary development.

History : The History curriculum takes students on a fascinating journey to explore the people, places and events that have impacted the world. This brand new program combines rich content with colorful graphics and interactive text to highlight core concepts and provide a better understanding for students. This curriculum is utilized with our Bible to enrich the Biblical historical perspective of students.

american christian academy elementary kids in pembroke pines
american christian academy elementary kids in pembroke pines


Art: Elementary art class assists in the development of a child’s emotional and intellectual growth and provides sensory experiences that promote creativity, imagination and artistic expression.

Computer Lab: We guide students in developing the ability to learn the fundamentals of computer technology, while safely using the Internet and multi-media technology to increase critical literacy skills, essential knowledge and practical application.

Library: The students participate in a story and discussion designed to enrich their understanding and to provide interaction with the text. Students learn early on that the library is a valuable tool which will allow them to develop important skills through proper research and topical application. We are proud of the broad access our students have to the limitless sea of information through our access to online databases, catalogs and other national libraries.

Life Skills: Fourth and Fifth graders learn that different skills are important to student success. Students learn to define their goals and develop learning styles and habits necessary to achieve those goals, along with developing Biblical, ethical and moral values they will use throughout their life.

Music: Elementary music introduces the students to the fundamental basics of music education and appreciation. Students develop musical skills through a variety of fun, hands on activities and through the use of classroom instruments.

Foreign Language – Spanish: Elementary Spanish class is designed to stimulate an appreciation for foreign language. The non-Spanish speakers will learn Spanish in the context of daily living. They will learn recognition, vocabulary, and practice speaking in basic conversation. The Spanish speaker’s class will reinforce and help develop skills by reading, writing, speaking, as well as striving for fluency and accuracy.